Fine Free Everyday!

What are the new policy changes:


So why are we doing this? Fine Free Thursday was really popular but we had noticed some problems:

  1. Thursday isn't always convenient for each person. Having Fine Free every day of the week allows each person to return materials within a reasonable amount of time at their convenience.
  2. Thursdays are extremely busy with long lines, so we are unable to help everyone satisfactorily. With Fine Free every day of the week, we believe that we'll be able to give everyone the personal service they need.
  3. While most people returned materials on time, or even within one or two weeks of the due date, a small minority took advantage of the policy and returned materials months or even years overdue. This minority abused the service so that others in the community were denied access to those materials they wanted. This small group also created a large drain on the library's resources in trying to recover those materials. Now that minority will have to pay for that service fee.
If you still have questions about the new policy, feel free to contact the library at 420-4587.