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West Virginia Auto Insurance Survey

Ever wonder if you’re getting the best deal on your car insurance?  Every year, the West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commissioner conducts a survey of insurers in the state and issues a report on their findings. They include pricing for various demographics, including age and marital status. You can access the 2019 version here.

New Books list May 10, 2019

NEW MATERIALS LIST – UPDATED May 10, 2019 To have this list emailed to you when it is updated, please go to NEW MATERIALS EMAIL LIST, and click on subscribe. NEW MATERIALS (3 entries) NAME # OF RECORDS 1 New Fiction, Paperbacks and Graphic Novels 174 1 New Non Fiction 122 3 All New Materials […]

It’s Criminal! True Crime in the Library

Have you already burned through your true crime podcasts and netflix queue? If so, then go old-school and check out a book! From gory to white-collar, of-the-moment to historical, scientific to hard-boiled, we’ve got a book for you.        

In Memorium: Dorothy S. (Muse) Chittum

In Memoriam Dorothy S. (Muse) Chittum Death: March 2019   Wood County Library Director, 1968-1988 “…To be a true library, it must be used.” The following is an excerpt from an article entitled “New Parkersburg South Library Opens to The Public,” published in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel on 31 Jan 2016, following the completion of the […]