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Art Exhibition at the Library

The library on Emerson Avenue is currently hosting the artwork of local artist John Dawson in the gallery above the periodical section. John’s works consist primarily of oil landscapes of West Virginia. They tend to be realism with a touch of impressionism. He has produced and sold prints of a large sawmill in Nicholas County, WV. He has also painted homesteads and pets, on commission.

The library, which is located at 3100 Emerson Avenue in Parkersburg, will display John’s artwork in the gallery above the periodical section until November 29, 2016. For more information, or to inquire about purchasing one of John’s paintings, contact the Reference Librarian at 304-420-4587 ext. 511.

Call For Artists

Both the South Parkersburg Library and the Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library on Emerson Avenue are now setting up to be venues where local artists can exhibit their work. Are you a painter, sculptor, photographer, etc., or know someone who is? Give us a call or stop in today and pick up an application to secure a spot in our exhibition schedule.

10 Ways to Love Your Library

February is Library Lovers’ Month!

Or as Elizabeth Barrett Browning might say:

“How do we love libraries? Count the ways–

We love them to browse and wonder and learn.

Our minds can reach, when for ideas we yearn…”

Or, to swap sonnet for listicle, here is how you can best show your love for us, the Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library!

10 Ways to Love Your Library

1. Join, friend on Facebook by clicking here, or otherwise support our Friends of the Library Association. They show us love all year round by funding Summer Reading programs, organizing book sales, and much more.

2. Visit one of our libraries! Have you seen our new South Parkersburg branch, yet? It’s lovely inside. Or, have you ever browsed the Genealogy room in the main library? Here are our hours. Please visit soon. 🙂

3. Check out a book. Or a movie. Better yet, check out several! Here are some of our newest items. 

4. Participate in a library program. From story hours to art programs to reading contests, we offer the best free alternatives to a night in front of the T.V. Following our main page on Facebook is the best way to keep up with what’s happening.

5. When we share something on Facebook or other social media that makes your heart go pitter-patter like it and share it with your friends. We need your help to keep us from getting buried in the feed!

6. Get to know our digital collections as well as our physical ones. We subscribe to all sorts of digital services so you don’t have to! Check out our online databases, like Chilton’s here, and our exciting collection of e-books, e-audiobooks, and digital magazines here. Zinio will deliver the next issue straight to your inbox for free!

7.  Attend our semi-annual Friends of the Library book sales and stock up on titles that with no due date… ever! Watch for the next one this spring.

8. Volunteer at the branch nearest you. Summer Reading program, gardening duties… we can help you find the best way to donate your time.

9. Put your money where your heart is. Learn more about how you can support us financially here.

10. Read this article, and discover even more ways to show us your love!

And the Oscar Goes to… Books!

 Click here to visit the official Oscar website.

Ever since the dawn of the silver screen, film and books have been inextricably linked. Early, grainy film adaptations of horror classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, paved the way for blockbuster Hollywood classics also based on novels: The Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind, and Mary Poppins, to name a few.

Now, the 2016 Academy Awards are approaching (you can catch them live, Sunday, February 28th, at 7pm) and few things have changed. Five of this year’s eight best picture nominees are based on books! Take a look at this list and  consider reading up if you’ve missed a few of the novels these films were adapted from.

2016 Best Picture Academy Award Nominees

 The MartianIt would be fun to read the novels past nominees and winners were based on, too. I’d love to build that list for you, but I think you’ve got some novels to watch and some films to read– Or maybe the other way around. 😉

Happy 2016 Academy Awards!

Totes, mugs and cookbooks at the Library

 Check out our library book totes, reading-themed insulated drink bottles, and our library cookbook! On sale now at reasonable prices.

Williamstown Library Butterflies

Our Williamstown Branch Manager, Nancy Morehead is featured on the front page of today’s “Parkersburg News & Sentinel.”  Congratulations, Nancy, on a job well done! Our thanks to the newspaper for the excellent article and beautiful photos!

January 2011’s Author of the Month – Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy, a true Irish storyteller, had her name at the top of Britain’s most popular writers list and the New York Times Best Seller’s List. Binchy’s novels touch on issues such as parent-child relationships and the illusion of love. Her novels do not focus entirely on sex, but their appeal, instead, stems from the author’s creation of the ordinary, identifiable characters who love and sometimes lose.

Binchy, as a child would spend her holidays in what she called, “far flung places.” “I wrote marvellous long, rambling letters home from these trips, editing out the bits they didn’t need to know, bits of falling in love with unsuitable foreigners. In fact, my parents were so impressed with these eager letters from abroad, they got them typed and sent them to a newspaper, and that’s how I became a writer.” (

Check out our Maeve Binchy display downstairs at the Emerson Library. Here are some titles to look for…

Light a Penny Candle


The Lilac Bus

Firefly Summer

Circle of Friends

Whitehorn Woods

Heart and Soul

Minding Frankie

Click here to be taken to the library catalog of Maeve Binchy’s books

The Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library is ever changing it’s displays on the main floor and downstairs. Check out the Main Floor displays located near the circulation desk and the lower level displays located in the main area near the desk also. Check out our Resolutions display upstairs and the Cozy Mysteries and Hen Lit displays downstairs!

Past Authors of the Month

James Michener

Awful Library Books

Macrame Accessories cover


You read it right! Just picture it… you’re in the stacks perusing some books and you pull something that catches your eye. You start to look through and have this thought in your mind like, “Really? Is this really a book that people read?” Well, there is a blog dedicated to these types of books and it’s hilarious! Check out Awful Library Books and really see what some are finding on the shelves!

March 2011’s Author of the Month – Anne Rivers Siddons

Anne Rivers Siddons, born 1936, graduate of Auburn University, started her career off as – what people may call, a free minded writer. She knew she was meant to be a writer when she was fired for her powerful articles in an Alabama Newspaper in which gained national attention. It was her articles like these that got her an offer from an editor; eager and interested to have her write a novel. Today Anne writes Domestic Fiction, women and relationship stories, romantic stories, and psycholgical fiction. She states that she doesn’t want to romanticize anything, she wants to write about the South as it really is.


Burnt Mountain

Off Season

Sweetwater Creek


Nora, Nora

Low Country

Up Island

Fault Lines


Hill Towns



Kind’s Oak

Peachtree Road


Fox’s Earth

The House Next Door

Heartbreak Hotel

Click Here to view Anne’s books in the Catalog.

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